Ask Da Coach (ii) — SuperNotes for the Core Files

Debaters, Coaches, and Judges:

The CDL has a very good set of Core files with good cases, case attacks, DA’s and other off-case files. The problem for new and relatively new debaters is they cannot see the Forest for the Trees. The new debater sees the 487 pages and cannot see how they work together and answer each other.

For the last few years I have made SuperNotes for each file. For case attacks I have on the left are the Aff and the Right are the Neg cards. The main ideas are in bold and evidence cards have the page number from the Core Files. I have abbreviated where possible. The sentences are not complete but make the point. Below are files with SuperNotes for the Core files. For the DA’s the Neg is on the Left and the Aff answers are on the Right.

Look at the Cuba Ethanol file. The Aff has 2 Inherency cards but the Neg does not have any cards against the Aff. This tells me the Aff only has to run one Inherency card and move on. Too many times I see Aff teams read both cards when only one may suffice. Watch your time.

The Cuba Impact risks killing keystones, causing extinction. The Neg has answers to that card. The Aff runs Economic Collapse harms. The Neg does not have direct cards against it but can run the Midwest Economic Turn. You see how the debate goes back and forth.

If either side does not have cards for an argument, now is the time to fill in the blanks. Look for cards that fill in the holes. The Core Files are a start, not the end. Both JV and Varsity can fill in the missing parts. The Aff cannot add new arguments in the 1AC without previewing, but is free to add new cards for the 2AC. The Neg is now free to add and run (or read, if you want) all new cards.

I also have the DA’s and other off-case SuperNotes. You may find a few typos and some mistakes on the page numbers.

Debaters can use these SuperNotes to flow the debate and plan their debate rounds. Coaches can use these notes to add new cards where needed. Judges can use these notes to flow the debate round. But BEWARE: at this time of year, teams may mix it up, and not run Core Files arguments exactly as laid out originally, so all debaters, coaches, and judges should be listening and flowing carefully in-round.

The Notes can help to see dropped arguments and in rebuttals.

These notes are my own creation and not created by the CDL. If you have any ideas how to make them better email me. Please tell me how these notes help you at the next debate tournament.

Download the files. If you have any problems email me back.

Case Attacks SuperNotes

Disadvantage SuperNotes

Topicality SuperNotes

Counterplan SuperNotes


Don “Da Coach” Baumgartner

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