Ask Da Coach (IV) — Two New Disadvantages to Try

So Says Da Coach:

I have been called the King of the DA’s. A good DA goes a long way. Below are two DAs that link to all three countries in the resolution. I have cut down each DA.  I have removed long cards.  Print up the entire file and keep what you need.

Shunning Disadvantage

This DA says the US should shun, or refuse to deal with, a nation if it has a lot of human rights violations. The DA has one Uniqueness card for each country and links to each.  See the different impacts other than Nuclear War.  I have an Index for the Neg and Aff cards.  You can see I have skipped some cards.  The Index below is wrong. I will send out a revision.

Russia Disadvantage

The Russia DA says that Russia and US relations are high now. But if the US has plans to expand its engagement in Latin America, Russia will hate the plan. Russia thinks Latin America is part of its sphere of influence. The impact is war. Each country has a link and more impacts. See Aff cards. I do not have an index for this one.

Run the DA’s first in the 1NC and then extend in 2NC.  The Aff should answer DA first in 2AC. Watch time.

There are many more DA’s in Open Debate. They are free. Use them.

As I have said before these are my own ideas and not that of the CDL.  Sorry for any mistakes.

If you have any questions how to answer the new previewed plans send me an email, I will post it to all of the A/AA schools to be fair.

Shunning DA — Neg

Shunning DA — Aff

Russia DA — Neg

Russia DA — Aff


Don “Da Coach” Baumgartner

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