Ask Da Coach (V) — Negative Strategy Suggestions Against T4 Previewed Cuban Embargo Cases

So says Da Coach:

At T4 we have the A conference and the LCC joint tournament. This is an overview of how to answer some of the previewed affirmative cases, the list of which is available on the Tournament Documents page of this site.

Let us start by looking at the Cuba Embargo cases.

The Cuban embargo was made in 1960. The United States refused to trade with Cuba and refused to allow Cuba goods to be sold in the US. At the time Cuba sold sugar and Americans traveled to Cuba for vacations. The Embargo was imposed because Castro became a Communist. It was not about the Cuba Missile Crisis.

We have DA’s that link. But look at each preview.

Cuban Embargo — Lindbloom (Varsity only)

The plan lifts the embargo to further increase successful engagement opportunities.

This may not be topical. The resolution says the plan should substantially increase economic engagement. Opportunities are not the same as engagement. You need to adapt the Core Files Topicality Violation against the Cuban Ethanol affirmative case, or look for a Topicality file in Open Debate, or make/write one up.

The Harms are Security with Iran and International Law. Latin America is key to solving warming. International law is key to preventing international conflict which could lead to nuclear war.

The preview says the plan does not need Congressional approval. I think this is wrong. Look up the laws passed by Congress about the embargo.

Cuban Embargo — Phoenix

The plan removes all sanctions. May not be topical. What is the engagement? The plan is a pre-condition to engagement but isn’t engagement itself.

The Harms are U.S. – Latin American relations, remove Neo-Colonialism and Human Rights. As to the Neo-Colonialism, the Aff has taken the Core Files Kritik and turned it into an Aff argument. Look at the Core Files K and read the Aff cards as Neg case attacks. That, and look for answers to Neo-Colonialism and Neo-Liberalism (very closely related) in the NDCA Open Evidence Project.

Cuba Hospitality — Von Steuben (Varsity only)

Plan may not be Topical.

Harms are Disposability and Universalism. The preview is from the NDCA Open Evidence Project so see the neg file there:

Cuba Hospitality Negative

Cuban Sugar Ethanol — Lincoln Park

This appears to be the Core File cards with a new plan text.

The best defense is a good offense. In the 1NC run T and DAs for 5 – 6 minutes and the case for the balance. Watch time. Better to run the off-case arguments, then go to the case, than it is to run answers to case and run out of time for the DAs first. Do T and DAs first.

New Disads Runnable Against New Cuba Embargo Cases

Cuba Tourism DA

If the US lifts the embargo the tourists will flock to Cuba and have a very negative impact on the environment.

Cuba Coral Reef DA

Removing the embargo means more pesticides to Cuba. Biodiversity will be destroyed in one of the hemisphere’s last nearly-pristine places.

Cuba Environment DA

Cuba is keystone to the global environment.

Sugarcane Ethanol DA

This disad directly links to the Core Files version of this affirmative case.

Cuban Health Care DA

Lifting the embargo means Cuba health care workers will leave Cuba, destroying the country’s very effective health care system.

Cuba Rice DA

Lifting the embargo is bad for Cuba rice production, currently a protected industry.

Watch that you DAs do not conflict with you case cards.


This email is the view of Donald Baumgartner only and not that of anyone in the CDL. Thanks to the NDCA’s Open Evidence Project.

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