Ask Da Coach (VI) — Negative Strategy Suggestions Against T4 Previewed Mexico Cases

So Says Da Coach:

Here are some Notes on some of the previewed Mexico affirmative cases for T4.

NAFTA — Taft

This plan may be extra topical. The plan wants to make NAFTA create a minimum wage in Mexico. This plan actually does two things: it tries to make Mexico do something.

Look up background info on NAFTA. Find files on the NDCA Open Evidence Project that NAFTA is bad. If NAFTA is bad now, then it still bad with a minimum wage. Even if the USFG were to pass the plan how would it solve? Mexico must also pass a plan. Topicality??

Trafficking — Von Steuben (JV only)

Topicality issue: the plan wants to establish a bilateral partnership with Mexico against human trafficking. How is a human right an economic engagement? Also a bilateral partnership may not be topical.

Trafficking — Negative File

The Neg has cards for case attacks and a Topicality Violation, but watch out because the Aff will have answers in the 2AC files on the Open Evidence Project. You need new ideas.

Mexico Visas — King and Lindblom

This plan wants have a bilateral agriculture guest worker program with Mexico. Can the aff prove that there are enough interested workers to solve? Maybe it’s not topical? Who is having the economic engagement? The US or Mexico? Can the engagement work both ways?

The NDCA Open Evidence Project has several neg files against this case:

Mexico Guest Workers Negative 01

Mexico Guest Workers Negative 02

Mexico Guest Workers Negative 03

This Unions Disadvantage was written for the Mexico Guest Worker case. If the US has Mexican guest workers they will join unions. The DA says unions are bad. Good link.

Mexico Renewables — Morgan Park

This plan wants to negotiate an energy agenda with Mexico for renewable energy. Remember renewable energy is like wind power and solar power. Here again the plan does not literally follow the resolution. Is economic engagement the same as negotiating an energy agenda? Who does the plan develop? Both US and Mexico? Need topicality cards.

The harms are Global Warming and the Mexican Economy.

The Open Debate Evidence Project has several negative files:

Mexico Renewables Negative 01

Mexico Renewables Negative 02

Mexico Renewables Negative 03

Trans Pacific Partnership — Marshall

This plan may be extra-topical. It wants to pass the TPP and also have IP protections for the US.

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade agreement that now exists. Mexico is negotiating the agreement now.

The TPP does not include China, which may mean that the China DA links well.

Read about the TPP at Wikipedia and the Huffington Post. You should consider cutting your own cards.

The Open Evidence Project has two negative files:

Trans-Pacific Partnership Negative 01

Trans-Pacific Partnership Negative 02

Possible DA’s that Link to Mexico Affirmative Cases

The Shunning DA and Russia DA may be runnable — both were posted previously.

The Mexico Overheat Disadvantage is another possibility.

I known the Core Files has a China DA but you may want to look at these other versions of the China DA for new cards and answers.

China Disadvantage — Gonzaga University

China Relations Disadvantage — Samford University

This email is the view of Donald Baumgartner only and not that of the CDL administration.


Don “Da Coach” Baumgartner

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