Logistics for T4

Please review the logistics for T4:
1. The “AA” Conference is at Harlan HS. The “LCC” and “A” conferences are having a joint tournament at Schurz HS. Please review the LCC/A ConferenceSchedule or the “AA” Conference Schedule as appropriate.
2. Drop off and Parking. The LCC/A conference schedule (see link above) has a map with drop off and parking locations. Drop off for “AA” in at Harlan is in front of the building, with parking at the side lot on the south side of the building.
3. Registration is between 3 and 4pm at both sites. Please register within this window (the earlier the better) to ensure our event runs on time. If you are running late let your tournanment director know: Chris Baron for LCC/A (410-963-4949) and Imran Makani (773-800-0189).
4. Review or print out the runnable case lists and previews, available here: Tournament Documents
5. You can make changes online today on Speechwire until noon. Please do so. That way we have fewer changes to make.
6. Good luck all!

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