2014 CMSDL Year-End Debater Awards

Two important CMSDL year-end debater awards matters here.


From each CMSDL school, we would like to get the single Most Valuable Debater on your team this year. One MVD will be awarded per school during the 2014 Chicago Middle School Debate Championship Awards Ceremony at 4pm on Saturday, March 15th. Email your choice — no explanation necessary, just a name — by Wednesday, 3/5, 5pm, to cdc@resources.chicagodebates.org.


We’re looking for nominations for the 2014 CMSDL Debater of the Year. We award one CMSDL Debater of the Year per grade level:

5th/6th Grade Debater of the Year
7th Grade Debater of the Year
8th Grade Debater of the Year

You can of course nominate a debater from your own school, no more than one nomination per grade level.

Use the 2014 Debater of the Year Nomination Form. Forms should be sent to cdc@chciagodebateleague.org. The deadline for nominating a debater for this prestigious award is Wednesday, March 5th, 5pm.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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