CMSDL T5 Championship Logistics

We are very excited about the Championship Tournament this Saturdya. Please review the following details carefully:
1. The tournament is at Senn High School (5900 N. Glenwood Ave.). The ONLY entrance that will be open is Entrance #2 (the main entrance for Senn). This is the entrance closes to the intersection of Glenwood and Thorndale. Other entrances will be closed.
2. Registration is between 7:30 and 8:00am. Please contact us with your confirmations and changes. This is our largest tournament and we will need your help to run things on time. We will end by 4:45pm. Review the schedule here

3. Your tournament director is Les Lynn (312-848-2271). Chris Baron (410-963-4949) and Imran Makani (773-800-0189) will both be working in the tab room and can also be reached for day of updates.
4. There will be a light breakfast. It would be a good idea for debaters to grab something at home as well so they are not too hungry during the day.
5. Dropoffs and Parking. Schools should drop off at the front main entrance. Parking is available in the lot behind the school (entrance off of Thorndale), but you will need to walk around to the Senn Main Entrance (#2). Note that the back of the school is the entrance to Rickover, and looks like the front of many schools. It is not. You can only get in via entrance #2.

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