The SY2014 Allstate Expanding Opportunities Incentives — 2nd Semester

This Allstate Expanding Opportunities Initiative focuses resources on schools that work with very high percentages of lower-income students with the objective that they will undertake and sustain the extra effort necessary to include students who may need these skills the most into the competitive debate league. Allstate Expanding Opportunities Initiative incentives are provided to schools for increasing participation in competitive academic debate this year over last year — for expanding the opportunities of lower-income students by using what may be the most powerful academic tool in secondary schools: argumentation based on and in evidence drawn from complex texts.

The schools in the Expanding Opportunities category are schools with 80% or more Title I (from low-income families) students. Based on a full SY2014 roster of school demographics, the following 33 high schools are part of the Allstate Expanding Opportunities Incentive Program, shown here with their Title I student percentage:

Air Force (85%)
Alcott HS (81%)
Amundsen (93%)
Bogan (88%)
Clark (87%)
Ellison (86%)
Epic (91%)
Harlan (92%)
Harper (98%)
Hubbard (98%)
Hyde Park (80%)
Juarez (94%)
Julian (89%)
Kelly (92%)
Kennedy (86%)
Little Village (98%)
Marshall (84%)
Morgan Park (81%)
North Grand (96%)
North Lawndale (88%)
Perspectives Joslin (88%)
Perspectives Calumet (90%)
Phoenix (94%)
Richards (100%)
RTC Medical Prep (87%)
Schurz (91%)
Senn (88%)
Solorio (96%)
UNO Garcia (94%)
Urban Prep Bronzeville (80%)
Westinghouse (85%)
Williams (82%)
U. of Chicago Woodlawn (80%)

At year-end, Allstate Expanding Opportunities Incentives are being disbursed to the top 20 Expanding Opportunities schools in Participation Changes (SY2014 over SY2013, adjusted), in these amounts:

1st – 5th Place — $500
6th – 10th Place — $250
11th – 20th Place — $125

The new fourth sheet of the Tournament Reporting Notebook (be sure to download it — the preview on isn’t quite the same document) has the full list of Expanding Opportunities schools’ performance on the Participation Changes metric. Here are the incentives winners.

1st – 5th Place ($500)
1. RTC Medical Prep
2. Urban Prep Bronzeville
3. John F. Kennedy
4. Hubbard
5. Harlan

6th – 10th Place ($250)
6. North Lawndale
7. Senn
8. U. of Chicago Woodlawn
9. UNO Garcia
10. Alcott

11th – 20th Place ($125)
11. North Grand
12. Epic
13. Little Village
14. PCS Calumet
15. Air Force
16. Bogan
17. Solorio
18. Morgan Park
19. Thomas Kelly

In addition, the Allstate Expanding Opportunities Incentives include an additional allocation to each school’s coaches of $100 for every 10 tournament debaters they had this season (SY2014) over their total from last season (SY2013).

Here are the incentive amounts earned at T6 and additional to those paid out up till now this season (totals which are included on the fourth page of the Tournament Reporting Notebook):

Alcott — $50
Bogan — $150
Epic — $100
Harlan — $50
Hubbard — $150
Kennedy — $150
Little Village — $50
North Grand — $50
North Lawndale — $50
PCS Calumet — $200
RTC Medical Prep — $50
Senn — $150
Solorio — $100
U. of Chicago Woodlawn — $100
UNO Garcia — $100
Urban Prep Bronzeville — $100

We thank Allstate Insurance for its great generosity and support of our high-performing debate coaches at some of the city’s most challenging schools.

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