SY2015 CMSDL Coach Training Seminar I — Saturday, 8/23, 12:30pm – 3:30pm

The Chicago Middle School Debate League has its first coach training seminar of the 2014/15 season — CMSDL Coach Training Seminar I — on Saturday, 8/23, 12:30pm – 3:30pm, at a location to be announced soon.

At this first seminar Cydney will provide an explication of, and lead a discussion on, the strategic uses of the arguments and evidence in the Core Files — affirmative cases, case negatives, disadvantages, and topicality violations. The seminar will get close to the text of key pieces of evidence in many of the major arguments in the files.

We anticipate that the CMSDL Core Files will be posted on Friday evening, 8/22, but if they are not we’ll use the CDL (HS) Core Files, minus the critical affirmative and Kritiks (so a version of the HS files that will look quite close to the CMSDL Core Files when they are posted).

All coaches are encouraged to attend this content-focused, oceans policy oriented seminar. All attendees should bring a laptop or a tablet to the seminar, loaded with the CMSDL Core Files after they are posted, or as a back-up the the PDF version of the CDL (HS) Core Files.

Registration is required. Register by Friday, 8/22, 12pm, by sending an email to

Attendees will earn three hours of professional development credit within the CDL system, and three hours of CPDUs.

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