Electing the SY2015-16 CDL Coaches Council

We are now conducting the election of the CDL Coaches Council. This year’s election will install the Council for a two-year term: SY2015 and SY2016.

The CDL Coaches Council provides input and guidance on the management and administration of the Chicago Debate League, including maintenance and revision of the CDL Guidelines and Policies.

Each year, every coach of the CDL can elect two coaches to represent their conference. Each of our four CDL conferences have two representatives creating a CDL Coaches Council of eight coaches, in addition to ex officio representatives of the CDC and CPS. The CDL Coaches Council meets once per quarter, four times a year.

The CDL Coaches Council has over the past two years provided guiding and essential input on:

* Setting the joint tournament calendar for RCC and LCC and created LCC/A joint tournament
* Determining dates and location of the Chicago Debate Championship
* Setting argument limits and case previewing policy
* Determining rules regarding electronic devices
* Helping form judge training and coach training agendas and strategies
* Refining tournament operations

Each coach should vote for two coaches from their conference — each coach (regular and external) should vote, rather than each school. If you’re not sure of your conference, check the SY2015 CDL Conference Roster. Send your two votes to Isabel Juarez (who is doing contracting work for the CDL), by the deadline, 10/1 at 5:00pm — isabel.juarez.90@gmail.com.

Regional Circuit Conference

Robb Berry (Northside)
Christina Clemons (Lane Tech)
Elyse Conklin (Payton)
Dara Davis (Lane Tech)
Sydney Doe (Evanston)
Andy Fine (Lane Tech)
Ben Friedman (Whitney Young)
Jeff Hannan (Evanston)
Adam Hausman (Northside)
Nick Locke (Lane Tech)
Leah Roskin (Lane Tech)
Gavin Singer (Payton)
Vincent Vinluan (Payton)

Local Circuit Conference

Brian Beck (Marshall)
Kailey Cole (Lincoln Park)
Scott Dodsworth (Thomas Kelly)
Jim Dorrell (Marshall)
Marian Dozier (King)
Robert Edwards (Phoenix)
Gerard Gueringer (Lindblom)
Nick Johnson (Marshall)
Jacob Kremin (Ogden)
Ben Krier (Von Steuben)
Nick Locke (Thomas Kelly)
Sean Madigan (Ogden)
Kourtney McAuliff (Lincoln Park)
Chris McCabe (Zapata)
Ashley Mitchell (U. of Chicago Woodlawn)
Bernard Murray (U. of Chicago Woodlawn)
Rachael Nicholas (Taft)
Jen Nolan (Thomas Kelly)
Samuel Sanchez (Phoenix)
Max Smith (U. of Chicago Woodlawn)
Jennifer Thomas (Lincoln Park)
Peter Van (Lindblom)
Shabaka Verna (Zapata)

“A” Conference

David Amundson (Williams)
Felicia Brewu (Williams)
Ronald Brown (CICS Ellison)
Nikole Burrell (Senn)
Conor Cameron (Solorio)
Greg Caswell (Amundsen)
Amy Coffelt (Senn)
Bill Colson (Morgan Park)
Jose Cruz (PCS Joslin)
James Fitzgerald (Morgan Park)
Todd Frantz (Amundsen)
Walter Glascoff (Hubbard)
Chris Harris (Chicago Ag)
Lamont Holifield (Urban Prep Bronzeville)
Isabel Juarez (Schurz)
Janae Meaders (Morgan Park)
KZ Mendoza (RTC Medical Prep)
Caitlin Miller (Kennedy)
Jesse Nash (Hubbard)
Yolanda Novales (Hubbard)
Alfredo Peralta (Juarez)
Robert Romano (CICS Northtown)
Kevin Rutter (Schurz)
Karen Sheehan (PCS Joslin)
Kevin Trant (Kennedy)
Thomas Vazquez (Juarez)
Rebecca Walz (Kenwood)

“AA” Conference

David Abraham (Hyde Park)
Vichina Austin (Hyde Park)
Merissa Charleston (PCS IIT Math and Science)
Zac Collins (PCS Calumet)
Cate Drake (Hansberry)
Laura Enriquez (UNO Soccer Academy)
Olivia Flores (UNO Soccer Academy)
Phyllis Ford-France (Clark)
Jane Hutchinson (Hansberry)
Christine Laadimi (Bogan)
Joann Lugardo (North Grand)
Heather Moorehouse (Marine)
Andrew Peterson (PCS Calumet)
Jose Ramirez (Marine)
Lavie Raven (North Lawndale)
Shelby Redman (PCS IIT Math and Science)
Alan Sager (UNO Garcia)
Crystal Saylor (Harlan)
David Stone (Marine)
Vickki Willis (Bogan)
Steven Woods (Clark)
Lucas Woolums (Air Force)

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