Electing the SY2015-16 CMSDL Coaches Council

We are now conducting the election of the CMSDL Coaches Council. This year’s election will install the Council for a two-year term: SY2015 and SY2016.

The CMSDL Coaches Council provides input and guidance on the management and administration of the Chicago Middle School Debate League, including maintenance and revision of the CMSDL Guidelines and Policies.

Every coach of the CMSDL can vote for two coaches to represent their conference. Each of our three CMSDL conferences have two representatives creating a CMSDL Coaches Council of six coaches, in addition to ex officio representatives of the CDC and CPS. The CMSDL Coaches Council meets once per semester, two times a year.

The CMSDL Coaches Council has over the past two years provided guiding and essential input on:

* Setting the tournament calendar
* Determining dates and location of the Chicago Middle School Debate Championship
* Setting argument limits and case previewing policy
* Determining rules regarding electronic devices
* Helping form judge training and coach training agendas and strategies
* Identifying the year-end awards given at the Chicago Middle School Debate Championship
* Refining tournament operations

Each coach should vote for two coaches from their conference — each coach should vote, rather than each school. If you’re not sure of your conference, check the SY2015 CMSDL Conference Roster. Send your two votes to Isabel Juarez (who is doing contracting work for the CDL), by the deadline, 10/1 at 5:00pm — isabel.juarez.90@gmail.com.

“A” Conference

Jackie Beale-DelVecchio (Hardey/Sacred Heart)
Alicia Homampour (Ogden)
John Jacoby (Old St. Mary’s)
Karen Konow (Old St. Mary’s)
Greg Thompson (Lincoln)
Charlie Watts (Hardey/Sacred Heart)

“AA” Conference

Rishi Argawal (South Loop)
Kyle Beck (Alcott)
Christian Kline (Bessie Rhodes)
Phil Kraft (King Arts)
Donna Lawrenz (Peirce)
Jared Lee (Skinner West)
Deidre Littleton (Thorp)
Irma Puente (Peirce)
Elaine Purnell (Nichols)
Samantha Vernon (Nichols)
Karl Wiedegreen (Wildwood)

“AAA” Conference

David Alfafara (Perspectives)
Latoya Bennett (Kershaw)
Andre Dockens (Lovett)
Adam Duvel (Village Leadership)
David Ellis (McCutcheon)
Nader Elmasri (Nobel)
Amanda Hope (Harvard)
Tom Meranges (Chicago Jesuit)
Yolanda Neff (Carrol-Rosenwald)
Roberto Rubio (Beasley)
Latoya Smith (Franklin)
Nathaniel Spicer (Beasley)
Nicole Spindler (Perspectives)
Bernadina Taylor (Shoop)
Long Tran (Comer)
Brett Turpin (Kershaw)
Daniel Weber (Nobel)

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