Results from the 2014 Allstate Varsity Invitational

The fifth annual 2014 Allstate Varsity Invitational took place on Saturday, October 18th. This was the first inter-conference venue of the year, in which the top Varsity teams from across conferences came together for an early-season introduction to each other and the various kinds of arguments bring run throughout the league.

In addition to the high-energy competition, the event this year featured a mentoring luncheon, in which Allstate professionals and executives had lunch with and engaged in informal mentoring conversations with the participating debaters.

Review the full tournament results — here are the top teams and speakers.

Top Teams

1. Northside (Maria Sanchez and Wes Jones) — $1,000 Allstate college scholarship for each debater

2. Lane Tech (Aaron Phalin and Joel Veizi) — $500 Allstate college scholarship for each debater

3. Payton (Lenny Brahin and Luisa Cusick) — $250 Allstate college scholarship for each debater

4. Whitney Young (Charlie Bazzell and Henry Ferolie)

5. Phoenix (Mayra Deleon and Stephani Lopez)

6. Von Steuben (Alexis Chavez and Jorell Ellazar)

7. Clark (Diamond Dortch and Tia Schaffer)

8. Von Steuben (Jazmine Mercado and Mansur Shawabkeh)

Top Speakers

1. Lenny Brahin, Payton — top RCC speaker — $250 Allstate college scholarship

2. Mayra Deleon, Phoenix — top LCC speaker — $250 Allstate college scholarship

3. Joel Veizi, Lane Tech

4. Wes Jones, Northside

5. Luisa Cusick, Payton

6. Maria Sanchez, Northside

7. Charlie Bazzell, Whitney Young

8. Henry Ferolie, Whitney Young

9. Jorell Ellazar, Von Steuben

10. Aaron Phalin, Lane Tech

15. Tia Schaffer, Clark — top ‘AA’ Conference speaker — $250 Allstate college scholarship

18. Jenna Bilak, Kennedy — top ‘A’ Conference speaker — $250 Allstate college scholarship

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