Announcing the SY2015 Coach Performance Incentives

Because the Chicago Debate Commission and its supporters continue to identify the performance of coaches as the single most important determinant of the academic impact that competitive academic debate can have on Chicago students, the CDC is continuing to provide substantial performance incentives to CDL coaches this 2014/15 season.

Coaches from all CDL schools — district, charter, and guest — are eligible to earn these performance incentives.

Professional Development Incentives

CDL coaches are provided incentives of $100 per coach for attaining the guideline of 10 hours of professional development per semester, or $100 per 10 hours of PD (up to $200 per coach), as reported in the Professional Development Reporting Notebook.

Participation Performance Incentives

At the end of the year, the top high schools in Participation Numbers, as is laid out in the Tournament Reporting Notebook, receive participation performance incentives.

1st – 5th place in total participation numbers — $400 per school
6th – 10th place — $300 per school
11th – 15th place — $200 per school
16th – 20th place — $100 per school

Qualitative Performance Incentives

Qualitative performance incentives are based on the Qualitative Assessment Project results as reported by the Qualitative Assessment Reporting Notebook.

Each school will have 4 students in each division (JV and Varsity) – up to 8 total – assessed at T5 or T6 on their attainment of the Debater Development Benchmarks, measuring how educationally developed their debating is by the end of the debate season. Each school will be given a single average qualitative rating of their debaters (on the 10 point scale that the Debater Development Benchmarks use). This single, averaged rating is called the School Debate Quality Rating, or SDQR.

1st – 5th place in School Debate Quality Rating — $400 per school
6th – 10th place — $300 per school
11th – 15th place — $200 per school
16th – 20th place — $100 per school

Competitive Performance Incentives

At the 2014 Chicago Debate Championship the top teams earn performance incentives for their school, based on elimination round performance. Principals have to send the CDC a directive on how the funds should be allocated.

Junior Varsity
$100 — Quarters
$200 — Semi’s
$250 — Final Round
$350 — Champion

$100 — Octos
$200 — Quarters
$400 — Semi’s
$500 — Final Round
$700 — Champion

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