Tournament Logistics Reminder

Conference LCC
Lindblom, 6130 S. Wolcott Ave.
Director: Imran Makani

Conference ‘A’
Solorio, 3500 W Norman Bobbins Pl.
Director: Dara Dais

Conference ‘AA’
North Lawndale, 1313 S. Sacremento
Director: Cydney Edwards

Additional Announcements
* On Friday when your en route to the tournament, please call or text your tab room director to confirm your team and judge registration, and to alert him or her of any same-day drops (regrettable and to be avoided if possible). Showing up to the tournament without communicating a changed registration in a timely fashion will mean added or team-reconfigured students will be left off the pairing and forfeited. Not communicating drops means that other teams will get byes; these byes are preventable, uneducational, and generally perceived as objectionable by the students and coaches receiving them.

* All schools should plan to arrive by 3:30 pm on Friday. Our dedicated judge table staff will begin calling you not long after that time if you have not yet arrived at the tournament. We have your cell phone numbers and will use them to ensure we’re on-time.

* Our tournaments run on-time. We respect your time and value the contribution you make to the experience of students from your school and all the others that are a part of the league, it is a professional expectation that coaches ensure their students and judges arrive on time and are ready to debate at scheduled times. Those who are late for debates or have unannounced changes are asking for exceptions that would delay the tournament for everyone else’s students, which we can’t allow.

* Forfeits will occur 15 minutes after the start of each announced round. For Round 1 on Friday will be 5:15 pm and Round 3 on Saturday morning, 8:45 am is the forfeit time. Please make sure you plan enough travel time and check with your judges in the morning as well.

* All schools will stay until departure at 6:00 pm following awards on Saturday. No school leaves before first departure at our tournaments. Your students are certainly in contention for awards and don’t want to miss the excitement of the awards ceremony; they also are obligated by the norms of sportsmanship to recognize the successes of their peers and competitors, just as they expect that their peers will recognize theirs.

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