Tournament Logisitics Reminder

1) Judge Philosophies. If you have not yet done so, please send us ASAP your updated Judge Philosophies for each of the judges that your school is bringing. Forward them to or

2) Tournament byes. We had raised the possibility of byes due to competition room limits. We’re happy to report that although we will need to give some byes in each round, the number will be smaller than we initially had thought. We will assign these byes randomly for rounds 1 and 2, and then to the bottom of the brackets as required.

3.) Tournament and Judge check-in. All teams (JV and V) meet in Owen L. Coon Forum in the Jacobs building (2001 Sheridan Road) for 8:30am registration and 9:15 Opening Ceremony. Round 1 is set to start at 10am. After Round1, receive all information from respective Tab Rooms.

The Varsity Tab Room will be in Tech-L168 (2145 Sheridan Road)
The JV Tab Room will be in Harris L07 (1881 Sheridan Road)

Please be on time, and if something unforeseen arises, alert your respective tournament director ASAP by cell or text:

Varsity Tournament Director
Imran Makani

JV Tournament Director
Cydney Edwards

All judges must check in with Tab Room on Friday during registration at 8:30am, and again on Saturday at 8:00am. Judges who do will receive $50 for the day of judging compared to the normal $45.

4.) Food for the weekend. We will be providing a light snack in between rounds 1 and 2 on Friday, as well as lunch and dinner on Friday,  a light continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday. There will be snacks and fruit for schools with teams competing in quarterfinals after the Awards Ceremony. Food Locations below.
Friday: Varsity Lunch & Dinner: Tech LR3
JV Lunch & Dinner: Served Out of McCormick Tribune
Saturday: Varsity Breakfast: Tech LR3 (Eat in LR3 or Debate rooms)
JV Breakfast: Served Out of McCormick Tribune
Varsity and JV Lunch: Tech LR3 (spillover to LR4)

First round on Saturday is Round 5 at 8:30am. A strict forfeit time of 15 minutes after the start time will be enforced.

5) Videographers on site. This weekend, you may notice a couple of videographers on site. Both have been vetted and approved by CPS. One will be filming a small number of schools in connection with a CPS-approved project (he has already begun working with these schools), and another videographer will be filming groups of students on an opt-in basis at lunch on Saturday. We wanted you to be aware of their presence, and to let you know that each one has been CPS-approved for the event.

6) Richard M. Daley Leadership Award and Voltaire Sterling Debater of the Year Award. This year, we have chosen five finalists (from among the many great nominations we received) for these two awards. All five finalists will be recognized at Saturday’s Awards Ceremony, where we will announce the winners of the Daley and Sterling Awards. We congratulate the following five students, who are finalists for these awards:

Diamond Dortch – Michele Clark
Donald Rapier – Lindblom
Husam Haj — Kennedy
Jazmine Mercado – Von Steuben
Aaron Phalin — Lane Tech

7) Parking. For Friday the cost of a parking permit is $8.25. Link for contact/location information:

Link to the parking map:

Saturday parking will open up, and the visitor-designated lots near Tech on the west side of Sheridan, and behind the Hardy House can be used without a permit.

8) Bus Drop Off points will be in front of Jacobs on Friday morning. On Saturday Varsity in front of Tech (2145 Sheridan Road) and JV in front of Fisk (1845 Sheridan Road).

9) For debate rounds the Varsity division will primarily be in Tech, Lunt, Annenberg, Elder, Swift, and 2122 Sheridan Road. The JV debate rounds will be in Fisk, Locy, Harris, Scott, McCormick, Hardy House, and 1815 Chicago.


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