Hiring for 2 full-time positions! (Volunteer Coordinator and Program Officer)

The Chicago Debate Commission is excited to announce it is hiring for two full-time staff positions!

We are hiring an experienced Volunteer Coordinator to take over our judge recruitment and training duties. Mandela Okere will be shifting roles to focus on supporting our schools in the fall after doing a good job of leading our volunteer efforts the last two years. Please note that we are looking only for applicants with training and experience in volunteer coordination and administration – debate experience is valuable, but not sufficient:

We are hiring another full-time Program Officer for School Support to join Lucia Hernandez and Mandela Okere in providing direct support to our wonderful coaches and students:

2017 Job Description Program Officer for School Support Posting

Both positions include medical benefits and will start in the summer of 2017. Please contact David at davidsong@resources.chicagodebates.org with questions and to apply after downloading and reviewing the linked job descriptions above. Thank you and please pass this on to anyone whom you think should be a part of our organization’s promising future as we grow and serve more schools and students!

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