Announcing the 2017 Allstate Varsity Invitational

We’re very excited and thankful that Allstate is once again sponsoring a premier tournament featuring 20 of our best Varsity teams from all of our conferences on the Allstate campus in Northbrook this fall. We’ll also continue our tradition of having great lunchtime interactions with Allstate attorneys and executives about pathways to professional careers.

Here are the details:
*Schools may nominate up to 2 teams. For each team nominated, e-mail with a brief description of their competitive successes and any other information that would be helpful in deciding whether to select them.
*Send your nominations in early! We’ll give fullest consideration to qualified teams that contact David early in the process.
*Each conference will be competing, including Red, Maroon, and RCC! We will select teams with an eye toward balance between our conferences.
*Coaches of each school will receive $250 if they bring 1 team or $400 if they bring 2 teams – this is meant to cover any transportation costs needed as well.
*As in past years, there will be previewing of affirmatives. We will allow 1 preview per team competing and will follow up individually with selected teams once they are confirmed and selected.
*Multiple scholarships will be at stake, $3500 total:
  • $1500 to the 1st place team ($750 for each student)
  • $800 to the 2nd place team ($400 for each student)
  • $400 to the 3rd place team ($200 for each student)
  • $200 to the top speaker from each conference
Congratulations to our competing schools!
Lincoln Park
Thomas Kelly
Von Steuben
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