IMPORTANT: We need signed student research releases at T4 ($10 reward!)

This academic year, Dr. Briana Mezuk and the University of Michigan will be researching the impact of debate on student achievement and growth. She will be analyzing growth in a broad spectrum of areas: academic achievement, assessments, school engagement and social-emotional skills including resilience, self-efficacy, and social connectedness.

That research will analyze data from multiple sources, including student surveys and observation. Dr. Mezuk and Greg Ekey, from the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues, will need to collect signed release forms and surveys from students at Tournament 4 in January – the final deadline for students who wish to take part and receive a $10 reward.

Note that this is very important, essential research to demonstrate the impact of debate, to study what debates does for our students, and to help secure future support for debate within our school district (as the previous study has done).

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