Announcing the W.E. Sanders Award, a New High School Coaching Honor

The brand-new W.E. Sanders Award recognizes a teacher-coach’s leadership and impact on young people as a mentor and is open to current Chicago Debate League coaches who are full-time CPS teachers and exemplify the qualities the W.E. Sanders foundation is looking for (see the document below). The winning coach will be awarded $5,000 at the Chicago Debate Championship at Curie on March 30th, 2019. The final selection will be made by the W.E. Sanders Foundation, but you can send nominations to David until February 28th, 2019.

Please share the nomination form below with students, alums, and anyone else who can speak to the impact of your favorite debate coach.

Note that this is separate from the Golden Gavel recognizing our coach(es) of the year – we will continue to give out the Golden Gavel awards and we look forward to honoring several of our most outstanding coaches, out of our many truly outstanding coaches.

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