CMSDL Year-End Award Nominations Open (Due by Monday morning – all schools get a Most Valuable Debater award!)

We’re excited to announce that nominations for the CMSDL Year-End Awards (awarded at the Chicago Middle School Debate Championship at CVCA on Saturday, 3/9) are now open!

Because our awards will include engraved gavel plaques, the turnaround for these nominations is short – we need these by Monday morning, 2/25.

These nominations include:

Most Valuable Debater – EACH school attending (and that is all of our schools) will have one debater that wins an award as their school’s Most Valuable Debater, to be recognized in front of all of our league on Saturday, 3/9

Golden Gavel Award for Coach of the Year – $300 for the overall winner, $100 for each Conference Finalist that does not win the overall award

5th/6th Grader of the Year

7th Grader of the Year

8th Grader of the Year

Outstanding Judge of the Year

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