The Chicago Middle School Debate Championship is Open to Everyone! All Schools Will Compete!

We’ve received a lot of questions about whether students have to qualify for the Chicago Middle School Debate Championship coming up in a few weeks on Saturday, March 9th at Chicago Vocational.

No! The middle school city championship is open to all students!

We want all students who have been a part of your team, from those who debated at any point to brand-new students (and there will be several who want to get a head-start on debate for next year) competing for your team this year. EVERY STUDENT who has been valuable to your team deserves to be able to say they supported your entire team in competing for a City Championship and our biggest celebration of debate all year, the only time where all of our schools come together.

We can’t wait for everyone to wear their “Debate Takes You Everywhere” T-shirts for coaches and students who have been to 3 tournaments this year on March 9th.

We need your judges! Please have all alums of your debate team and parents sign up with – we want to have enough judges for our most important tournament of the year and you can help us avoid byes and give us our best group of judges all year!

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