High School City Championship Preview Affirmatives Due TUESDAY, 3/12

All previews (novice and JV/varsity) are due at 5PM on Tues 3/12. 
Please see message below for more details: 

Hi, coaches,

My name is Caitlin Miller, and I am the debate coach at Jones College Prep. This year, I will be fielding and organizing T6 City Championship aff previews. Please note that I will not be reviewing their eligibility; a CDL staff member will be doing that. Previews will be reviewed on an ongoing basis as they are submitted to make sure that they include necessary information. All decisions about a preview‘s acceptance will come down to league staff, not myself. I am merely the organizational person.
Please keep to these previewing rules:
Each school is allowed ONE preview in Novice and ONE preview in JV/varsity. Please note that JV/varsity have the same preview.
If your school has qualified 16 or more debaters, you get TWO JV/varsity previews.
Each school MUST preview ANY aff outside of the Core Files. Previews from other tournaments are not factored in. You must re-preview for cities.
Any team may read another team’s previewed aff as long as they stick to the exact arguments and citation list.
Please email me with your previewed case at camiller10@cps.edu before the deadline on Tuesday, March 12th at 5:00PM. Please feel free to send any questions my way regarding your specific previews or previewing in general. Attached are two templates to use for your novice and JV/varsity previews.
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