See Where You Stand for T6 Coach Incentives

For coaches who have City-eligible qualified students who have been to 2 tournaments and have not yet been to a third, please make sure they come to T6.

Not only will finally get their T-shirt that everyone else will wear on Saturday 3/30, but there are $15,000 at stake in coach incentives around the schools with the most debaters with 3 tournaments:

$5,000 for all CPS schools and another $10,000 in “Expanding Opportunities” for high-poverty CPS schools

You can find sheets tracking the current incentive leaderboards on our Tournament Reporting Notebook under “3 Tournament Debaters” and “Expanding Opportunities.” There’s also a handy guide to reading the Tournament Reporting Notebook to see where you stand in our various participation metrics we rank schools by over the course of the year. New coaches should definitely spend some time with this important information.

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