Chicago Debates Coaches’ Council (Fall 2018 – Summer 2020 Term)

The Chicago Debates Coaches’ Council helps us to set league competitive policies and to create the rules for the league through the high school Guidelines.

Coaches who want to bring up changes to competitive rules regarding tournaments, preview research, and other topics covered in the Guidelines should contact their Conference’s representatives to raise at one of our quarterly Coaches’ Council meetings:

Adam Hausman, Northside College Prep
Caitlin Miller, Jones College Prep

Kevin Trant, Kennedy
Devon McSager, Kenwood Academy

Conor Cameron, Solorio Academy
Bob Edwards, Phoenix Military Academy

Brian Harris, Harlan Community Academy
Erik Johnson, Curie Metropolitan High School

Mary Beth Hutchinson, Senn
Kate Watts, Little Village Lawndale

The next election for the Fall 2020 – Summer 2022 Coaches’ Council will take place in October 2020 and coaches will be asked to serve a two-year term. If they need to be replaced due to other commitments or due to lack of participation, we will ask other leading coaches to fill in for these spots.