So Says Da Coach:

Woodlawn(LCC) has previewed a Mexican Marijuana plan. The Plan wants the USFG to work with Mexico to establish a legal framework to sell marijuana.

The harms are
#1 Economy- the harm appears to talk about the US economy not the Mexican. The preview says that legalizing marijuana would make billions. But for whom? The US or Mexico? Ask on Cross exam to be clear.
#2 Incarceration- this is about African –Americans not Mexicans. This leads to genocide for drug crimes.
#3 War on Drugs- the US war on drugs fuel violent drug trade in Mexico.

The previewed solvency says that the only barrier to a booming marijuana industry is the USFG. But the preview does not make it clear what the USFG is to do? Who will grow the marijuana and who will sell the drug? What law should be passed by the USFG?

Colorado just made recreational marijuana legal for people 21 and over. So based on this I have created the Rocky Mountain High Counter Plan. The CP is a form of State CP that would have all 50 states make marijuana legal. They would tax it and make millions in taxes. The business would create jobs and solve better then the plan. I had some fun with it. Use it as you think best.
The Aff may Perm the CP. I have answers to the Perm.

A word of warning- Kids don’t do drugs and stay in school. Marijuana has health issues, this is only a debate.

Also I have a Shunning DA for Mexico. The US should not deal with Mexico because of Human Rights. The DA and CP do not conflict.

The CP is long. Use what you think you need. The key to a CP is Net Benefits. Good Luck.

This email is the view of Donald Baumgartner only and not that of the CDL administration.

Thanks to Open Debate for the DA.
Don “Da Coach” Baumgartner