Browse or download the 2014/15 CDL Core Files, as well as other important Core Files supplements, below.

SY2015 CDL Core Files

The SY2015 Chicago Debate League Core Files are available for download (two formats, same files):

PDF version

Word version

SY2015 CDL Core Files Supplement

Politics DA — Iran Sanctions (PDF version)

Politics DA — Iran Sanctions (Word version)

Coral Reefs Neoliberalism Case (PDF version)

Coral Reefs Neoliberalism Case (Word version)

SY2015 Core Files Outlines

CDL Core Files Case Outlines

CDL Core Files Off-Case Outlines

These outlines are the exact argument labels found in the CDL Core Files, with all of the evidence removed. The outlines can be used to teach and learn the Core Files arguments first, before delving into the more complex textual evidence.

SY2015 Core Files Printing Vendor

This year we are using Ink Spot, a Division of Riverside Graphics, as our printing vendor, though you are welcome to use your own vendor or make your own copies, of course.

Email Ink Spot with the following information, at (attention: Dan Moss):

— Specify CDL (HS) Core Files
— Number of sets
— Address of delivery, including coach’s name
— Provide method of payment (PO number or credit card info)

Sets are $15 each. Delivery is by UPS Ground — they will provide delivery cost, but it will range from $13 – $22. Delivery will take about 3 – 5 days from the date of the provision of method of payment. The Ink Spot’s phone number is 773-528-0288. Dan Moss is our contact.

SY2015 Core Files Strategy Guide

The SY2015 CDL Core Files Strategy Guide is intended to help new debaters set their strategy and plan their First Negative Constructive (1NC) speeches against each of the Core Files Cases. It also makes suggestions about how much of the 13-minute Negative Block (the 2NC and 1NR speeches, which come back-to-back in a policy debate round) should be devoted to each of the issues introduced in the 1NC.

Affirmatives on the Oceans Topic is a presentation summarizing the affirmatives in the CDL Core Files and identifying some of the strategic aspects of each.

The 2014 Chicago Debate Summer Institute Demo Debate

The Chicago Debate Summer Instiute conducts and videotapes a demonstration debate each year. This year’s demo debate on the ocean policy topic features the Oil Exploration and Development affirmative case, and on the negative the China Counterplan, China DA, Anthropocentrism K, and a topicality violation (plan is research, not exploration).
You can use this electronic flow of the demo debate with your students.

CDL Core Files File Labels

The CDL Core Files File Labels should be printed on address labels — Avery 5160, a standard 30-labels-per-page product — and then the labels can be affixed to file folders. Each label has the page numbers that should be put in that file folder. Using these labels can make filing the Core Files fairly easy even for inexperienced debaters.

Amundsen H.S. produced some fancy, pictograph labels for the “major headings” — affirmative and negative blocks on each issue, e.g., China DA, States Counterplan. These labels are printable on Avery 8366 labels.

CDL Core Files File Folders

In order to be prepared to compete, each CDL team needs to have a tub, within which is a set of Core Files, properly filed. (In the LCC and RCC, each Varsity team needs more than that, even right at the beginning of the season, so LCC and RCC coaches can think of this as a minimum.)

As to file folders, manilla file folders are easy to find, and still pretty cheap. We recommend the single (or “straight”) tab (rather than the 1/3 or 1/2 tab), as then when the debaters add file folder with additional arguments during the season, they don’t have to worry about the “left-center-right” sequencing.

Some people like colorful file folders, just for the fun of it — and no one can begrudge them that.

Another clever tool to keep things tidy are hanging folders, which you can use to subfile more extensive debate arguments.

Some debaters prefer accordion (or expanding) files to file folders. Here is a solid accordion file option.

CDL Core Files Tubs

As to the tubs in which students will put their file folders full of evidence, we recommend choosing one of the half tub options, because they are compact and convenient to carry. We have provided two options:

Blue-topped half-tub

And the black half-tub

If a team adds a significant number of files throughout the year, they are likely to need larger accommodations for their files:

Clear, from Office Depot

Blue-topped, also Target

Here’s an interesting debate product: a tub-cart.