After each CDL tournament we publish a punctuality report of the times that key markers on the schedule of the event actually occurred. We do this because we hold ourselves accountable for running tournaments that respect the participants’ time by running according to the published schedules.

CDL administration runs “AA,” “A,” and LCC tournaments; RCC tournaments are run by the host school, as are RCC/LCC joint tournaments, so the CDL administration doesn’t publish punctuality reports on those.

The scheduled times of T2 can be found here.

T2 “AA” — Michele Clark H.S.
Round I actual start time: 5:20pm
Departure on Friday: 8:30pm
Round III actual start time: 8:45am
Awards Ceremony actual end time: 3:10pm
Final Departure actual time: 10:05
T2 “A” — Senn H.S.
Rd. 1 Actual Start – 5:10PM
Rd. 2 Actual End – 8:40PM
Rd. 3 Actual Start – 8:40AM
Awards Actual End – 6PM
Finals Actual End – 10:25PM

T1 — LCC/RCC — Morgan Park H.S.
Round I actual start time: 5:00pm
Awards Ceremony actual end time: 6:00pm
Final Round actual end time: 11:20pm