These documents are essential to the successful administration of your CDL debate program.

CDSI/CMSDI Instructor Application & Description

We’re looking forward to another summer of practice, research and friendly competition to prepare for the 2015-16 high school debate season! CDSI and CMSDI is once again taking place, from July 27-August 7.

We are reaching out to see if you are interested in being an instructor. If so, could you please fill out the attached job application. We’ll confirm receipt and inform you of staffing decisions at a later date.

Job Description

Coach Stipend Allocation System — District Schools

The SY2015 Coach Stipend Allocation System explains the amount and timing of coach stipend loading into payroll for district high school coaches.

SY2015 CDL Guidelines and Policies

The SY2015 CDL Guidelines and Policies lay out the league-specific rules in the CDL, guided in their creation by coach determination and decision-making, and reviewed and modified by the CDL Coaches Council.

Squad Objectives and Squad Guidelines

Successful CDL debate squads often establish Squad Objectives, to help plan, guide, and measure their success. We strongly encourage you to adapt this template, creating your own squad objectives. Many utilize and establish their own full set of Squad Guidelines.

Ben Krier, head coach at Von Steuben Metro H.S., adapted and re-invented the template guidelines to create what he calls a debate team syllabus.

Bob Edwards, head coach at Phoenix H.S., utilizes 5 core principles for coaching, which can be helpful in developing your team.

Coach Compensation and Incentives

The Chicago Debate Commission provides thousands of dollars in performance incentives and additional compensation to CDL coaches. Because CDL debate coaches are such a crucial factor in achieving the academic and social benefits that competitive academic debate brings to Chicago Public School students, the CDC and its sponsors devote significant resources to rewarding high-performing debate coaches. In fact, the vast majority of CDL coaches receive incentives and/or additional compensation from the CDC.

Keep track of this additional compensation and incentives on the CDL Coach Compensation and Incentives Tracking Form.

Coach Tax Information Form

All CDL coaches — district, charter, guest school — are required to submit a Tax Information Form to the Chicago Debate Commission each season in order to receive coach incentive and compensation payments. Please complete the document and return it to CDC Accounts Manager Donna Montgomery — — so that you become eligible to receive CDC payments.