Core Files File Folders and Tubs

In order to be prepared to compete, each CDL team needs to have a tub, within which is a set of Core Files, filed. (In the LCC and RCC, each Varsity team needs more than that, even right at the beginning of the season, so LCC and RCC coaches can think of this as a minimum.)

As to file folders, manilla file folders are easy to find, and still pretty cheap. We recommend the single (or “straight”) tab (rather than the 1/3 or 1/2 tab), as then when the debaters add file folder with additional arguments during the season, they don’t have to worry about the “left-center-right” sequencing.

Some people like colorful file folders, just for the fun of it — and no one can begrudge them that.

As to the tubs in which students will put their file folders full of evidence, we’ve pulled out several options, which truthfully are not all that different, in look or price (all about $10 per tub):

Green-handled, from Target

Blue-topped, also Target

Clear, from Office Depot

And if you prefer the smaller variety of tub — which has the advantage of being less bulky, the disadvantage of not allowing for a lot of additional files (and therefore arguments) as the year progresses — here are two options:

Blue-topped half-tub

And the black half-tub

Here’s an interesting debate product: a tub-cart.