The “Debaters” section of the CDL Blog is meant to directly connect debaters of all experience levels with resources that can help them improve their skills. Choose an option from the drop-down menu above or from the options below:

  • Ask David: Have a question about debate? Need help finding or answering new arguments? Ask David about it and he’ll get back to you with helpful advice.
  • Debate Resources: A page dedicated to connecting debaters with resources that will help them improve their skills. Includes the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues’ “Learning to Debate” manual. A great reference for the inexperienced debater to learn the basics of debate.
  • Research Help: Includes links to our favorite free search websites, evidence websites, and debate websites, as well as tools to help you improve the quality of your research.
  • Topic Resources: Features topic-specific resources, including all things Core Files related and the NAUDL’s Topic Overview.
  • Tournament Reporting Notebook: Tracks school and student participation relative to the CDL Participation Standard, last year’s performance, and other schools’ and students’ performance.