The CDC and Chicago Public Schools Office of College and Career Success will regularly provide college and career access and college scholarship information.

Bauschard Debate

Debaters, Bauschard Debate is a website providing students who debate with resources and information for college admissions. Please visit the website and take advantage of the resources offered.

Schools That Meet 100% of Financial Need

High School Seniors, many schools meet 100% of all students financial need through some form of student aid. Please click the link for more information and a list of schools 100% financial need programs.

Debate Scholarship Opportunities

For students interested in continuing their debate careers into college several notable colleges and universities offer debate scholarships. Were encourage you to look into these programs. Below are four universities scholarships and the applications can be accessed directly from our site. (Note: students will need to apply to the respective university in order to be considered for the scholarship).

1. University of Kentucky is offering a scholarship targeted to graduates of Urban Debate Leagues. Application deadline for consideration is January 15th. Application can be accessed here

2. Emory University, which has strong ties to the Atlanta Urban Debate League, offers a debate scholarship. Information about the scholarship can be accessed here and there is also a link to the scholarship application.

3. University of Southern California offers a full tuition debate scholarship, application can be accessed here

4. Pepperdine University in California offers a partial tuition scholarship, that can be combined with an overall financial aid package. The scholarship is offered to first year college debaters and can be increased in subsequent years. (application here)

A Full List of universities with debate teams, with their contact information and scholarship information can also be accessed.

Indiana University Early Admission Deadline

High School Seniors, Indiana University’s early admission deadline is November 1st, which is quickly approaching. IU provides scholarships of up to $11,000 to out of state students who apply for early admission to the university. IU does offer other scholarships after the early admission deadline, however, they are significantly smaller.

For students interested in competitive policy debate in college, IU does have a fairly competitive team and is looking to recruit more students.

If you have not considered IU, I would encourage you to look at their stellar undergraduate programs. From top notch applied political science programs in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, political science and humanities programs, pre-law programs, two new schools including the School of Media and a School of Global and International Affairs, and the Kelley School of Business.

Below are links to the school’s website, and some of its academic programs.

Indiana University
School of Public Affairs
College of Arts and Sciences
Kelley School of Business

College Access Guides

Please check the CPS Scholarship Guide, with specific opportunities for CPS students.

The CDL endorses College Greenlight, a free, national search site that matches first-generation and under-represented prospective college applicants with close-match colleges and scholarship opportunities.

Visit regularly for scholarship information.

Your schools also have other college readiness programs that are readily available to the students. AVID

University of Kentucky Urban Debate League Scholarship

We strongly encourage Chicago Debate League students who are interested to apply for the University of Kentucky’s Urban Debate League Scholarships. Two will be awarded each year. The scholarship is a great opportunity for talented urban debate league students who are interested in college debate and have had excelled academically. The scholarship is a four-year award that covers the yearly cost of tuition. The deadline for this application is January 15, 2015.

University of Kentucky Urban Debate League Scholarship Application

Loyola University Debate Scholarship

The Director of Debate, David Romanelli (, is inviting CDL seniors who have not yet committed to a college in the fall — and all juniors — to apply to Loyola University Chicago —

Loyola University Chicago Application

— and to apply for a Loyola University Debate Scholarship —

Loyola University Debate Scholarship Application

Scholarships range from $1,000 – $7,000, depending on debate aptitude and need.

Loyola University Chicago runs a parliamentary debate program, which is similar to our policy debate format but varies topics more frequently and places less emphasis on the use of textual evidence to support arguments, and therefore involves less research, but also gives greater weight to oral communication skills.

Have you thought about becoming a lawyer?

Competitive academic debate is widely recognized to provide outstanding preparation for a career in the law. In fact, more than 40 law school deans and professors have recently signed a clear and powerful statement which declares that urban debate will have a significant effect on the diversity of the legal profession, over time. General counsels (chief lawyers at corporations) have signed a similar statement.

Participating in the Chicago Debate League is an ideal way to begin to prepare yourself to become a successful attorney when you’re older.

Colleges offering debate or speech:

Baylor University:

Baylor, in Waco, Texas, offers two full-tuition scholarships a year to especially qualified debaters – this would be of interest to debaters with more National Circuit experience, especially.

Emporia State University:

Emporia State, in Kansas, has been home to some very successful recent urban debate high school graduates. Scholarship applications are available only to admitted students and are evaluated at end of fall semester and middle of spring semester.

Idaho State University:

Idaho State’s debate team has a scholarship page.

Samford University:

Samford, in Birmingham, Alabama, has some scholarship money available for debaters, particularly those with National Circuit experience. More info can be found on their scholarship page.

University of Missouri Kansas City:

UMKC has a long history of involvement with urban debate and some scholarship money available to experienced debaters. More can be found on their information page.


University of Nevada Las Vegas has scholarship info on their debate website.