The 2014/15 Professional Development Reporting Notebook tracks professional development hours undertaken by each CDL and CMSDL coach toward their attainment of the CDL professional development standard.

The 2014/15 CDL Professional Development System outlines the PD standard for CDL and CMSDL coaches, in addition to the venues for PD offered by the Chicago Debate Commission. Coaches are expected to undertake 20 hours of professional development during the school year, until they become “veteran coaches,” with six full years of experience, after which PD becomes encouraged but voluntary. Veteran coaches are often asked to help with PD delivery for newer coaches.

In the 2014/15 debate season, the Chicago Debate Commission is providing coaches with a professional development incentive of $100 for undertaking 10 hours of PD, and a second $100 for undertaking the full 20 hours of PD, attaining the CDL professional development standard for the year.