Congratulations to all of the debaters who participated in the 2011 McDermott Will and Emery JV Invitational, and a special thanks to all of the McDermott Will and Emery Volunteers who made this event possible and successful. It was an amazing opportunity to debate within a major international law firm; be judged by to receive feedback from successful attorneys; and to hear about and experience the connection between urban debate and the legal profession.

Here are the top five teams and the top ten speakers from this past weekend, as well as photos from the event. Full results can be found for download on

Top Five Teams
1. Evanston
2. Hyde Park
3. Lincoln Park
4. Marshall
5. Michele Clark

Top Ten Speakers
1. Olivia Chandrasekar, Evanston
2. Mendy Brewer, Lincoln Park
3. Tarajee Hughes, Marshall
4. Jasmine Estrada, Phoenix
5. Vichina Austin, Hyde Park
6. Jessica Baum, Evanston
7. Shakari Porter, Hyde Park
8. Faith Hong, Lincoln Park
9. Isaac Brown, U. of Chicago/Woodlawn
10. Mike Cook, Chicago Ag

The Chicago Debate League is very pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual McDermott Will and Emery Invitational for JV Debaters will take place on Saturday, March 5th, at the Chicago headquarters of McDermott Will and Emery, 227 W. Monroe St., 45th floor. MWE is an international law firm, founded in Chicago more than 75 years ago, which now has more than 1,000 attorneys in offices all over the world. This is the fourth year that MWE is partnering with and sponsoring the Chicago Debate League.

The 2011 McDermott Will and Emery Invitational for JV Debaters is the only urban debate event of its kind in the nation. Please take a moment to review an overview of the event and its objectives.

Ten JV teams from ten schools among three of the four CDL Conferences (LCC, “A,” and “AA”). Each school invited will receive a $300 incentive — $150 now and $150 at the event. Each school is responsible for its own transportation to and from the event. Coaches are not required to attend, but each school has to provide one judge. MWE will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all participants.

The event comprises four rounds of competition, at the end of which is a Final Round between the top two teams for the Championship and 2nd Place, and a Runner-Up round between the 3rd and 4th seeds, for 3rd and 4th Place.

The format is policy debate, on this year’s debate topic. Each round will have two judges — one CDL judge and one MWE volunteer. So 8 ballots at the end of the 4 rounds. The Top Five speakers will also win awards.

Congratulations to the following 10 teams for earning through their competitive excellence (and their schools’ high-levels of participation) an invitation to the 2011 McDermott Will and Emery Invitational for JV Debaters.

Chicago Ag. H.S. — Mark Banik and Mike Cook
Michele Clark H.S. — Nicole Robinson and Tiffany Williams
Evanston H.S. — Jessica Baum and Olivia Chandrasekar
Harlan H.S. — Daryll Long and Melissa McCollough
Hyde Park Academy — Shakari Porter and Vichina Austin
Lincoln Park H.S. — Faith Hong and Mendy Brewer
Marshall H.S. — Antonia Thomas and Tarajee Hughes
Phoenix Military Academy — Jasmine Estrada and Maria Jaramillo
Westinghouse College Prep — Daniel Garcia and Elliot Lugo
Woodlawn Charter School — Isaac Brown and Vernon Fleming

Special thanks here to McDermott Will and Emery partners Michael Boykins and Nathan Coco (also a Board member of the Chicago Debate Commission), for making this event possible.