This page is intended to connect both new and experienced judges with useful documents and links.

Judges should check the CDL Season Calendar for upcoming judging opportunities.

Please e-mail to sign up to judge at future tournaments.

Judging Resources

Introduction to Judging Policy Debate: a presentation produced by the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues. A didactic presentation on the basics of judging a policy debate round.

Judging Orientation: a video produced by the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues. An informative, 15-minute video explaining the basics of judging at a competitive academic debate tournament.

Judge Reference Guide: A judge’s quick reference guide to policy debate. If you’re new to judging, this document is a must-read.

Judging Tips: A one-pager with some of the most essential suggestions for effective debate judging.

Judging at the Allstate Varsity Invitational: A presentation providing an overview to volunteer judges generally, but also specially tailored to volunteer judges for the Allstate Invitational.

Judging Suggestions from Rich Edwards, long-time director at Baylor University and inventor of the Tab Room on the PC program in use by thousands of debate tournaments across the country every year.

Speaker Point Rubric: A document intended to guide a judge’s distribution of speaker points. Useful for newer judges.

Flow Sheet Template: Make flowing easier with this template.

Notice of Concern Form: Used to express any concern or complaint for a judge.