Coach Workshops

Join us Wednesdays at 4:30pm for Coach Workshops! These interactive workshops will cover various debate and coaching topics to help you learn more and hone your skills!

How to Access: All Workshops will be hosted on Google Meets. To join the Workshop, go to the Google Calendar at the bottom of this page, click on the event, and go to “More Details.” There you will find the Google Meet Link.

Please email Victoria ( with any suggestions or questions!

Resources Document

(Resources referenced in Workshops, articles, and additional video resources)

Past Workshops:

Debate 101: Part 1 – Chicago Debates and Tournaments



Debate 101: Part 2 – Intro to Policy Debate



Beyond the Core Files: Finding and previewing new off-case and affirmatives



Introduction to Disadvantages



Planned Workshops:

Upcoming Topics:

Debate 101: Intro to Tournaments and Chicago Debates (Recorded Topics) – Victoria Yonter, Program Officer at Chicago Debates

January 20 – Counterplans – Flynn Makuch, Program Officer at Chicago Debates

January 25 – Advanced Counterplan Theory: Conditionality and 50 States Fiat – Pablo Gannon, Debate Coach at George Mason University

January 27 – Rebuttals and Impact Comparison – Dr. Mikaela Malsin, Director of Debate at Georgetown University

February 3 – Topicality – Brian Klarman, Assistant Director of Debate at Emory University

February 10 – Research Strategies and Updated Evidence – Jeff Buntin, Debate Coach at Northwestern University

February 17 – Using Generic Strategies: How to Answer Without Answers*

February 24 – Intro to the K* – Dr. James Mollison, Director of Debate at Purdue University, and Alex McVey, Director of Debate at Kansas State University

March 3 – K Affs Intro* – Alex McVey, Director of Debate at Kansas State University

March 10 – Debating Against K Affs: Framework and K v. K Debate*

March 17 – City Championship Prep: Preparing Against Previews* – Chicago Debates Staff

*Specifically for our HS league. All other workshops are applicable for both MS and HS coaches.